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Home AccessoriesSiphon with ball

Siphon with ball

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Air conditioning siphon

housing size: 215 * 60mm (H * D)

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Siphon with ball
Siphon with ballSiphon with ballSiphon with ballSiphon with ball
The siphon is designed to collect and drain the condensed water in air conditioners in the sewer
It is a water seal, but when the air conditioner does not work for a long time and the water in the siphon evaporates, it serves to close the path of unpleasant odors through the ball installed in it.
INSTALLATION: The siphon must be mounted vertically so that the seal (1) is on its upper side. The shut-off valve (2) must also be properly mounted / attached to each other. the ball (3) and the filter (4).
ATTENTION: When the air conditioner has not worked for a long time, before turning it on again, we recommend inspecting the inside of the siphon and, if necessary, cleaning the ball (3) and the filter (4).
The siphon is intended for outdoor (wall) use and installation only. Installation or installation inside walls is prohibited and inappropriate. In such cases, the manufacturer is not responsible for the poor or incorrect operation of the product.
- The siphon is made of quality PP plastic (polypropylene). the seals are made of rubber
- The height of the water barrier is 50 mm.
- The siphon permeability is a maximum of 36 liters per minute.
- The rubber sleeve, placed on the water supply side, allows for the installation of pipes with an outer diameter of <2> 25-30 mm. Internal size pipes can be fitted to the drain element D = 18-20 mm.
1 Rubber sleeve.
2 Shut-off valve.
3 Ball.
4 Filter,
5 Siphon body,
6 Seal.
7 Drain element.
8 Gaika 1 ‘’