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Home Condensate ( drain ) removal pumpsCondensate ( drain ) pump ASPEN MAX Hi-Flow

Condensate ( drain ) pump ASPEN MAX Hi-Flow

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Condensate pump ASPEN MAX Hi-Flow
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Condensate pump ASPEN Hi flow - 0.5 l
Condensate pump ASPEN Hi flow - 0.5 lCondensate pump ASPEN MAX Hi-Flow
Key features IP24 - Splash proof Easy access tank Built in spirit level Plug & play Suitability Up to 733kW / 2.5m Btu/h Ducted units; Floor standing & Chassis units; Cassette units Specification Max. flow: 550 L/h @ 0 head Max. rec. head: 5m Tank capacity: 1.7L Sound level: 44 dB(A) @ 1m Power supply: 230 VAC, 0.8A, 50Hz Rated: Non continuous Class: I Appliance Max. unit output: 733kW Max. water temp: 40°C / 104°F Inlets: x4 21-27mm Outlets: 6mm & 10mm IP Protection: IP24 Safety switch: 3.0A Normally closed Thermal protection: ✓ Fully potted: n/a Self priming: n/a Part number: FP3349