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Saving motion detector

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Saving motion detector. A motion infrared PIR sensor which detects presence / absence of people in the conditioned space and respectively turns on or off the air conditioner. It is designed to save energy when people use the air conditioner.
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Saving motion detector
Saving motion detectorSaving motion detectorSaving motion detector
Energy saving by turning OFF the air condition units.
Works with split and fan coil air condition units, Based on Infra Red command signals using dedicated Air condition protocols.
Universal study logic for any Infra Red protocol.
Senses presence of human beings at the room at a distance of up to 8 meters.
Optional - turning back ON the air condition units.
Self-Adaptive Technology: Time delay continually adjusted to occupant patterns of use, in order to save battery life.
Maximum Reliability: All digital, ASIC and Microcontroller based circuitry uses a minimum of components.
Convenient Dipswitch setting Push-Button: Provides Selectable time frame of no movement - 20, 40, 60 or 90 minutes.
Fast, Simple Installation: Fits in a standard wall installation.
Adjustable Horizontal Field of View (PIR): May be adjusted between 0° and 180° of arc by using integral swivel bracket.
Models and ordering information:
Model: C121-D
Dedicated model with 16 preset IR
transmission protocols.
Model: C121-DS
Dedicated model with remote RF shut -
down and pre-set IR transmission
Model: C121-U
Universal model with IR Study and
preset protocol.

Model: C121-US
Universal model with remote RF shut
down and IR Study and preset protocol.

• Detection Method Dual element PIR Detector.
• Detection Range up to 12 m (room size 8m x 8m).
• Mounting Ceiling or Wall.
• Operation Voltage - 3 Volts - 2 Alkaline batteries size AAA.
• Infra Red protocol - All major air condition brands.
• Infra Red protocol - Universal - Study special protocols.
• Relative Humidity - 10% - 90% RH.
• Approval CE.
• Non Flammable plastic enclosure - ABS - HB.
• Detector Dimensions - 90.5 x 61 x 37.5 mm.
•Operates on 2 AAA batteries with low battery indication.