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Home Condensate ( drain ) removal pumpsCondensate ( drain ) pump VL-10

Condensate ( drain ) pump VL-10

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    1.000 Kgs
Drain pump VL-10 (10 L/h ; 10m)

_SC 1615117032

Download the Technical Manual in PDF from here!

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Drain pump VL-10
Drain pump VL-10
Silent and compact condensate draining pump, perfect for installation on air conditioning units with limited space inside. The small size, the easy installation and the low noise level make it suitable for installations in all places. The pump is designed for power and alarm cable and supplied with tank ventilation pipe, double-sided tape to fix the pump-tank, pump-split connection pipe, tank and 6x9 mm pump-tank connecting pipe. For the flow pipe use the standard 6x9 mm hose (not supplied as standard equipment).

Download the Technical Manual in PDF from here!

Power supply: 220V AC 50 / 60Hz
Max.flow: 10L / h @ 0 m head
Sound level: 20-24dB (A) @ 1m
Current: up to 70 мА
Suction / discharge pipe: ф17/ 8мм
Dimension of the pump LxWxH: 47mmx38mmx56mm
Dimension of the level sensor LxWxH: 78mmx39mmx34mm